8 Easy Steps To Accomplishing Any Goal

Reaching your sales or leadership goals can seem like a mountain to climb sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be that hard or overwhelming. In that case, let’s discuss these 8 easy steps to accomplishing any goal.

8 Easy Steps To Accomplishing Any Goal

1. First, What Is Your Goal? – You don’t want to take on too many things at once and get overwhelmed or bogged down. Choosing your priorities first can help whittle down what is most important to accomplish soonest. And don’t try to cram everything you think you need to accomplish into one day.

If you try to do too much like post to your blogs, post to the forums, post classified ads, participate in groups, submit articles and work on your Squidoo lenses, etc. all in one day you’ll burn yourself out. Instead, focus on one or two things every day and then cross them off.

2. Do You Need To Break It Down? – Your goal might be quite large. Do you need to break it up into different tasks to accomplish the big goal? Write the tasks down on a separate piece of paper designated for this goal.

3. Establish A Definite Date For Completion – It can help to set and break down your goals in reverse of how you work them to organize and determine all the tasks necessary to accomplish your goal. These tasks can be assigned a date on your calendar to complete them and in order to keep our mission moving forward. Consider a 30-day timeline for full completion.

4. Calendar Breakdown – Once you have your goal and the tasks necessary to achieve it you just need to plug them into your calendar to help keep you moving forward. Mark the final completion date and then take the rest of the tasks necessary to complete your goal and get you to the finish line and fit them into your calendar.

5. Work Backwards – Your tasks or short-term goals might need to be done in a certain order or they can be more random. Whichever the ultimate importance, fill in these short-term goals throughout the month to reach back towards the beginning. This way you are setting short and long-term goals and each day as you accomplish your short-term goals you move one step closer to accomplishing your big goal. In no time you will have your ultimate goal completed!

6. Set A Time Limit – Aim to make the smaller tasks something that can be done in one or two hours a day. By limiting the time you are spending on each task and focusing on one or two tasks every day, you’ll build momentum and increase your success rate. Plus, you’ll move ahead and avoid burnout.

7. Track Your Progress – As you accomplish your tasks and goals cross them off on your calendar. It’s good to celebrate your wins, big and small alike. When you look back, it will look like a calendar of accomplishments. You might be surprised how much you can get done!

8. Stick With It – Stick with your schedule. Switching things up too often can get in the way of your success. If you need to say no to other things to keep on track with your big picture do so. If it’s imminent to switch your schedule or you have a setback, adjust your plan but make sure to get back to it. 

Things That Will Help Reach Your Goals

With a written list and a steady schedule on your calendar, you’ll make accomplishing your goals so easy and fast. At the end of the month or timeline when you see more Xs than empty squares on your calendar, you’ll feel more accomplished.

By implementing these 8 easy steps to accomplishing any goal, you’ll find yourself making progress, building self-confidence, and reaching and accomplishing your long-term goals. This is the process I have used for myself over the years to achieve many great things.

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