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What Makes The Sales Leader Roundtable Different

As one of the leaders of the Sales Leader Roundtable, I am often asked why I joined this group. First off, let me tell you the sales leader roundtable is not a training platform. While training is an important aspect of any good sales group, this is more about shared learning with other successful sales

Pre-Call Planning for Better Sales Calls

Pre-call planning is a critical aspect to closing business and is often overlooked and/or taken for granted in the sales process. Before calling prospects, research must be completed to understand your new customer to be. Winging it is not a strategy for a sales call. You are going to want to be familiar with your

How To Have Impact As A Sales Leader

What are some of the things a sales leader could do to have a fast impact on their sales team? I get asked this question a lot. Could they be coaching or teaching their sales team better to get faster results?  I tell them to think like and behave like a great journalist or a

Close More Consensus Sales Deals

First of all, what does consensus selling mean to you and your sales team and how can you close more consensus sales deals? It mostly boils down to selling your services or product to a group within a company. While one person in the company used to be able to sign off on a sale