What Our Members Have to Say

Sales Leader Roundtable is a unique peer to peer professional development and networking organization created to help the very best sales professionals become even better. You will find being a part of our community very valuable. Don’t take our word for it – take it from some of our satisfied members!

If the Sales Leader Roundtable sounds like something that would help you grow in your sales career, consider joining an upcoming cohort meeting.

Rob Bedell

“For decades salespeople were thrust into sales leadership positions had nowhere to turn for help. Sales Leadership Roundtable provided that support from experts in the industry and peer support. If Sales Leadership Roundtable was around when I was first put into a sales leadership role, I would have a lot less gray hair.”

Jim Diebold

“What a great group! Kendley has really taken education and collaboration to the next level. He has assembled great content providers as well as spent countless hours marketing to create a group of motivated sales leaders. I always have a page of notes after each session. Having a place like Sales Leader Roundtable to create new relationships and share challenges has become an important component to my business. I look forward to our session every month.”

Aaron Westphal, Kiosk Group

“As a new sales leader, Sales Leader Round Table has helped me grow a stronger team and helped me put into action new practices that have grown our business.”

Wesleyne Greer

“During the monthly sales leader round table, we are able to have open and honest conversations. We discuss both the struggles and joys of sales leadership. Being able to surround myself with a group of peers that all “get it” has been refreshing.  Not only have I developed new relationships, but the insights I receive from the educational session have helped my team.”