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Thank you for your interest in Sales Leader Roundtable. You are just a few simple steps away from gaining access to all that the Sales Leader Roundtable platform has to offer. This is an exclusive group of peers who share similar professional status, seek professional growth and continuous improvement, and want to learn from others leaders’ experiences. View the video below to learn more about the Sales Leader Roundtable experience.

Process For Membership

Membership Requirements

  1. You must be a sales leader whose primary responsibility is revenue attainment in a specific geography or channel and/or who has responsibility for others in driving revenue attainment.
  2. Attend at least one meeting as a guest.
  3. Be committed to attending and participating in each monthly meeting.
  4. Bring issues and challenges you face to the group for feedback.

Application Process

  1. Request guest attendance (limited to one or two) use contact form on contact page.
  2. Complete Membership Application Form.
  3. Have introductory call with Cohort Facilitator.
  4. Pay Cohort Membership fee.
  5. Begin active participation.

Membership Application Form

SRL is a membership based organization where your participation and engagement is essential to cohort satisfaction. Our Peer to Peer Network Cohorts meet monthly at a regularly scheduled day and time but is subject to change as situations warrant. You may attend all monthly sessions at your option. Your membership will auto renew at the end of each membership term and will continue unless you notify SLR via with a 30-day cancelation notice. This will begin your 30-day notice period after which you will receive a refund based on our refund policy. You are welcome to attend during this notice period. Further, as a member you are acknowledging SLR’s express permission to share your contact info with our partners and facilitators to enable them to serve and communicate with you. By joining SRL, you agree to keep all session discussions concerning participate information confidential and that you will not disclosed names, events or situations discussed as all members have a fiduciary duty for non-disclosure. All membership fees must be paid in full and in advance to remain an active member. Only 3 unexcused absentees are allowed as the cohort requires a high level of participation to maximize members benefits. Our membership termination policy allows for a full refund of all monthly fees on cohort meeting dates not yet conducted with a 30-day written termination notice and is subject to recovery for discounts applied to unearned portions of any discount program used.