What Are The Top 5 Sales Productivity Metrics?

Measuring your sales metrics is a powerful way to measure sales staff productivity. With the metrics we mention below you will be able to track the specific steps a sales team can take to get to a sale. As you will see, there are many ways to measure how productive your sales team is, and each metric can provide different insights and feedback. With this in mind, we lay out the top 5 sales productivity metrics?

What Are The Top 5 Sales Productivity Metrics?

  1. Calls Made – Making more calls throughout the sales month tends to generate more potential customers, more leads, and consequently more sales. Reaching out to possible customers routinely will open up dialog and touch people that are looking for your product or service. This is an important metric to kick off the sale tracking with. 


  1. Emails Made – Similar to calling customers, making connections with leads through email will engage possibilities and educate particular sales markets. Whether the email is a cold contact that is personalized, targeted, and relevant to your receiver or an email based on a warm connection, tracking the particulars of emails made and connected will give specifics around this approach. 


  1. Prospect Bookings – Another key aspect of sales productivity is the quality and quantity of your relationships and connections. Advancing sales deals, building rapport, and creating opportunities are necessary to build on. Who is your sales member reaching effectively and accurately with interest? It’s an important metric to make note of.


  1. Conversations – How many substantial conversations are your sales members having throughout the month? This metric can directly correlate with sales results. Is your team connecting with potential customers on a regular basis? Are more conversations needed?


  1. Closings – Measuring and tracking sales wins ties all the other metrics together. What has led to this exciting point in the sales process? Was it as simple as going through the steps or were there other tasks and actions to consider? Analyzing closing metrics can give a good look at a sales team’s performance and abilities to determine if improvements are necessary and where to focus.


Detailed sales metrics like these tell you what has happened on the sales journey in order to monitor and report on a sales team’s performance. They are key data points used to measure effective sales activities over a period of time in order to make adjustments or apply certain activities – or to celebrate!


How Do You Track Sales Team Productivity?

Effective metric tracking of sales task performance gives a good overview of what works and is controllable to create a consistent sales process. This approach can help hit sales goals more often and effectively. 


A dashboard or CSM can be a helpful and simple way to track these stats for review and analysis. They are designed specifically to track sales team activities and task volume. Reviewing these numbers weekly, monthly and yearly can give a precise indicator of what is going on, what is helping, and what needs to be improved upon.


With the lead metric being deals closed, training can be adjusted as necessary if steps leading up to this point aren’t fulfilling the ultimate goal. Therefore, it’s important to track these metrics and review them regularly so action can take place based on goals.


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