Analyzing Your Sales Wins

Analyzing Your Sales Wins

Last time, we discussed reviewing your sales misses and losses by gathering data and comparing it at a Sales Post-Mortem meeting.  If you’ve ever done one of these review sessions you know how valuable they can be to you and your team’s performance.

Today we want to work in the other direction. You can refer to it as a Post-Mortem again, but we are going to focus on the wins from your recent sales quarter or event. Your sales wins are an important area to review because these are the gold you’re going for. Celebrating these accomplishments can increase morale, it can mark a time of achievement for your salespeople and solidify the sales goals as successful.

Plus, most importantly, it’s often the little things in your sales process that happened early in the sales cycle that separated you from the pack. If your offering is competitively priced then how you position your prospect’s key values are most likely what will make all the difference in whether you win the sale!

Learning from these sales wins can bring you more impact and outcomes that your team can act on next time. These wins will probably tell you more about how you differentiate yourself from the competition.

Sales Win Analysis

Sales Win Analysis is something you can really gain and learn from by diving into why you won your goal. We often take winning for granted, but there is a lot of insight to be gained about why your customer picked you over your competition. What did they see in you that they didn’t see in the other group? Why did you resonate with your client over the competition?

Like we said, after pricing, it’s often many subtle things related to your value proposition and how you presented the information to the customer. It’s important to review how you introduce your message and product or service along with who you are as a business. When taking these areas into account it’s vital to make note as to how you perform your technique as well.

Sales Analysis Example

Forecasting and generating more wins for you as a sales professional and your sales team means analyzing and reviewing how you got there last time. You want to keep track of the process you go through and the results you get from your process. It’s incredibly helpful to have an outside party lead your sales analysis. And, take some time to meet with your new client to see what you might have missed, but also what won them over.

For example, say you perform sales calls every morning during the week. Make note about what kind of results you are getting. What type of script are you using? What questions are you asking your prospects? How many leads or sales are you getting? Ask all the pertinent questions and track all the data that is vital to your analysis.

With your figures in hand, you can develop a more straightforward sales plan next time based on what has worked in the past. You might be surprised what actually did and didn’t work.

You can also start to tally up more info on your perfect customer and what they are about. This type of information will be based on your wins! You’ll be able to focus more on who your ideal client is thusly making more wins possible.

When you know what drives your sales wins more you can make better decisions in the future around what your customers need and how to keep them happy.

Sales Forecasting

Now that you have all this helpful data based on your sales wins, you can develop better plans, schedules, and processes to reach your perfect customer. You can put together helpful presentations looking at trends and policies that exist or come up. Having this type of data can be incredibly useful when you devise your plans for next time!

Highly Skilled Sales Networking and Development

Professional development is the hallmark of exceptional leadership. Having an environment where you can gain new insights with a group of your peers is a must. A place where you can lean on fellow peers for advice, objective viewpoints, and gain insights is invaluable.

  • If you want to interact directly with other top sales leaders and learn from shared experiences.
  • If you have a considerable interest in gaining insight and perspective from other influencers outside your own circle.
  • If you enjoy learning from experts on evolving and emerging topics within your field.

Look no further!

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