What Is A Value Proposition?

What Is A Value Proposition?

Can your sales team write down what your value propositions truly are? Are they on top of what your business’s value proposition is or means for the sales process? Does the value proposition clearly explain the benefits and the outcomes for your customer?

A value proposition is what tells your customers who you are and why they will want to work with you. It talks about why someone should buy from you over the next guy. It’s a valuable part of the marketing and sales process and something that can be used, shared and extended to the customer base as an important confirmation of their confidence in you and your team.

Value Proposition For Sales

We often see that understanding the value proposition is a weakness for sales teams. Seems every company says they have great people. They think they have superior expertise or great customer service. If everyone states these things then none of them are special. What makes your team special?

How is your team adding value to your customer’s experience? These are the things people will benefit from and find important when they are comparing companies to buy from. How are you bringing the best you can to the sale, to the product or service, to the experience? Even consider how you are living the value proposition and showing that off to your prospects.

Examine what your salespeople are saying about what the business’s value propositions are to make sure they are on their way to a successful sales presentation.

How To Write A Value Proposition

When you sit down to write out your value proposition consider a number of things:

  • Your Customers’ Pain Points. What problem or difficulty do they need solved and how are you going to help them with that? 
  • Benefits. What does your customer really want? They need your product or service to accomplish what? How will it make their life better? 
  • Better Than The Competition. What do you do better? Are you full service? Do you offer customization? What about your customer service that is better than the other guy in town?

Take some time to really review these areas and make some notes. Think again about why you are the best for your customer or clientele. This is the breakdown of what you want to share about your business.

When it’s time to write down your value proposition, try to avoid using cliches or buzzwords that might become obsolete. If they are catchy to your certain business, however, they might work well. Remember, how is your business perfect to help your customer with their problem. How is your product or service the solution?

Also, you want to think about the features your product or service offers while at the same time what are the benefits or one benefit your business gives to your customer base to set you apart. 

Keep it easy and simple so your prospects and your community understand it quickly.

Your Value Proposition Statement

What do you think? Do you think you have some good value props? Leave us a comment on what you think good value props are, and we’ll give you some feedback!

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