Does Your Team Understand The Importance Of Selling With Different Communication Styles?

Team members come in all shapes, sizes, and communication styles. And, we all work together to make things happen! Communicating with each other in a business and a sales team requires good discussions to move projects forward. What happens when different communication styles start to bump into each other? And, does your team understand the importance of selling with varying styles of communication?

Does Your Team Understand The Importance Of Selling With Different Communication Styles?

I’d like to introduce DISC. DISC is a leadership assessment tool used to define different leadership communication styles. DISC is an awesome format for thinking about how to communicate with not only your team and business associates but with your sales target market as well! 


DISC is a versatile evaluation used to…

help improve teamwork, communication, and productivity in the workplace.”

The Disc Styles


What are the 4 DISC personality types?

  • D – Dominance – D-style personality types often like to take action and get things done.
  • I – Influence – I-style personality types tend to enjoy group activities and relationships to persuade and counsel.
  • S – Steadiness – S-style personality types like to get along, help others, and assist with projects.
  • C – Conscientiousness – C-style personality types will assess and make important decisions based on well-researched facts.

DISC personalities will often overlap. People tend not to be one or the other all of the time and are a combination of the 4 DISC Styles yet often veer in one direction over another. 

You can think of the personality types as divided into 4 quadrants. From introverts – extroverts, and task-oriented to people-oriented. 

People with different prevailing personalities will respond to different communication styles from other people they are speaking with. It’s important to remember that many will respond with their own background and understanding.

How Does Disc Help With Communication?

Using these assessment personality types can be a powerful and incredibly helpful way to communicate with others. You can format your discussion to connect with each of these personality types with some understanding and navigation.


  • When reaching out to D-style prospects – Be clear with this group, brief, and to the point. Stick to the task at hand with little small talk. Be as prepared as you can and well organized to reach this group as simply as possible.
  • When communicating with I-Style prospects – Come to this group in a friendly way and speak with them compassionately and with appreciation. Consider putting things in writing and these folks will appreciate polite and gracious communication. This group tends to trust and make decisions quickly.
  • Discussions with S-Style prospects – Take into account that these prospects like to be approached gently and don’t like to rush into business talk right away. And even once the pitch discussion comes to play, these prospects will need time to review things and probably decide slowly.
  • Talking with C-Style prospects – Come prepared for your sales call with this group. Stick to the task and product at hand while presenting meticulous practical information. Don’t be too casual during your pitch and expect them to take their time to think it over and not buy right away.

What is DISC Communication To You?

DISC Communication skills involve analyzing the people you work with and call on during your sales day. Evaluating your current sales tactics and considering some strategic modifications can help you reach more prospects on their level and close more sales that help them in the long run.

DISC Styles fall in line with human potential and unique qualities. It’s not about conforming but meeting people at their level so they can understand you best. Have you tried a DISC assessment yet? 

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