Are You Ready For The New Normal In Sales?

It’s a new day. A new age. In life as we know it…and in sales. The sales cycle and the selling process have changed. What we have learned during covid, working from home and working remotely has changed the way the world works in many ways. And, it’s no different in sales. Are you ready for the new normal in sales?

It doesn’t have to be a bad thing or a scary time, just a new dawn. A new age with new ways to do things. Society’s ideals have begun to shift and change and they will continue to evolve as we progress in this new time. 

What Are The New Thoughts On Selling?

The core fundamentals of sales prospecting will remain nearly the same. For example, doing your market research, reaching out to the audience that needs your product or service, building your network, and nurturing your leads will, of course, stay the same. 

At the same time, you must shift to a more insightful approach, educating, teaching, and providing more resources to potential targeted customers now as it is necessary just to get an opportunity to engage with them at a deeper level.

How do you do this?

  1. Content – writing and creating content to reach out to your specific market is paramount. Who do you particularly want to work with or sell to? Who will benefit from your product or service? Your marketing materials need to be written to these folks especially. What ails your customer base and how will you solve it?


  1. Reaching People – again, this is a new time. A time when people now work in a variety of different locations and on a variety of different technologies. Will you find them via email or text or on a traditional call? Prospects often work in hybrid situations – ask yourself, how will you reach them?


  1. Engaging – people are in more places and connecting with them can happen in different ways and in different spaces. Some will respond to advertising, some to your blog content and website, others to your social media marketing, and still others in person. How will you find your perfect prospects and how will you grab their attention?


How Do We Prepare Ourselves For This New Normal?

Are you prepared to move into the new age of selling? Have you been learning new ways to do things and experimented with new ways to reach your prospects and customers? They want to learn about what you have to offer. They want to learn about how you will solve their problems.

Will you go back to your old ways? Do you still get great results? Maybe it’s time to venture into new ideas and new methods and see if you get more leads or close more sales!

Do you even know where to start?

  • Taking some classes could help
  • Hire a coach
  • Go to a lecture on the new ideas in sales
  • Networking with other sales leaders can go a long way to betteringSale your sales skills. Compare notes, discuss information, and compare knowledge to advance yourself in this new time.
  • Attend Trade Shows – these are making a comeback but we do expect the experience at these events to evolve as well. 

How Do You Sell In The New Normal?

How will you expand your skills as a sales leader for the new normal? It doesn’t have to be hard. It can be exciting! Incorporating new ideas and newly gained knowledge can bring you great rewards. I hope you find many fun ways to explore the new sales times ahead.  

Ready To Learn More Powerful Sales Techniques?!

Professional development is the hallmark of exceptional leadership for sales experts. Having an environment where you can gain new insights with a group of your sales peers is a must. A place where you can lean on fellow sales pros for advice, objective viewpoints, and gain insights is invaluable.

  • If you want to interact directly with other top sales leaders and learn from shared experiences. 
  • If you have a considerable interest in gaining insight and perspective from other influencers outside
    your own circle.
  • If you enjoy learning from experts on evolving and emerging topics within your field.

Look no further! 

The Sales Leader Round Table is geared to help you flourish as a powerful and inspiring sales leader. Learn more about us. Check out our program highlights and the teams we partner up with. Ready to move ahead? Reach out to