10 Ways You Can Be More Productive!

Yes, we are all pretty busy. And, you are probably getting a lot done in your workday and your life in general. But, many of us look for ways to fit in more or be more productive without running ourselves ragged. Here are 10 ways you can be more productive!

10 Ways You Can Be More Productive!

One-Touch Method – This strategy involves some quick decision-making on your part. If something shows up on your desk or in your email, but you are working on something else, decide here and now what to do about the interruption. Do you address it as it pops up or do you set it aside? Whichever is your choice, stick with that choice and approach it as a time saver. Whenever you address it, you won’t be pulled in many different directions. And, it’s ok to put it aside and set a time to work on it. But, don’t keep revisiting it and let it pop into your headspace. 


Eat The Frog – Have you explored this option before? This one can take some determination to stick with. But, you will be so happy once you have. What is your biggest or most important task that has to get done today? Some might procrastinate on this task. However, if you do it first in your day you will be so much happier to finish and move it off your list while essentially being more productive!


Is It Really Urgent? – Maybe it is an important task but doesn’t actually need to be addressed right this minute? Tasks will become easier to evaluate the more you do it. If it can wait, maybe it should?


Stay Focused – This can apply to both work and lifestyle. Avoid being distracted by outside tasks and activities that you really don’t want to do or can’t fit into your day. If they will provide a big benefit, they probably deserve your attention. If not, say no. When you are working on a task that needs your attention, block distractions and say ‘no’ to outside interruptions so you can focus and do good work. 


Specific Timelines – Check email, voicemail, and alerts at certain times of the day. Similar to helping you stay focused, plan to work on these areas at various times of the day. You can easily be pulled away from your current tasks by activities that look like something that is urgent. That goes for meetings as well. Stay on task to make sure your meetings are productive. 


Say No To Multitasking – Work on one activity at a time as often as you can. Set boundaries in your day to gear your work in this direction. Do you need to close your door? Maybe add a sign to the door? Be friendly, but firm with your time. 


Shut Off Tech – It can certainly be a distraction if it’s not a necessary part of your work day. Consider “turning off and tuning out” as they used to say. If you need your time for work or personal life, avoid technology to stay focused with what is important.


Delegate If you’re a new leader, this isn’t always the most comfortable place to find yourself… telling or asking people to take care of tasks. But, if you can get a little practice under your belt this strategy can be a fantastic way to extend your reach. More can get done with more people working on something. You can all accomplish more, together! 


Using Technology And Automation –  Learn about new ways to incorporate these areas into your daily life. Do you want to jump into smart tech? Or would you like to start with something simple like a more detailed voicemail message? Consider a well-designed CRM to incorporate automation into your leadership process and make your work day more effective. There are some great options available today to make your life better.


Be A More Productive Leader

You might have heard of a number of these ideas before. You might already be doing a few of them. But, now you can explore even more ideas to accomplish greater things in your life. It’s not always easy to set boundaries and implement a new routine, but you’ll probably get more accomplished and be more productive – and isn’t that the goal?

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