3 Top Challenges of Sales Leaders

Being a good sales leader takes expertise, dependability, and persistence. There will be times to celebrate and commemorate, but there will also be times with difficult demands. Today we want to talk about 3 top challenges of sales leaders.

3 Top Challenges of Sales Leaders

While you will have more challenges during your day, these top three will probably keep you busy. Between leading a great team and making sure the group can work well at their job connecting everything together might need some effort. 

1. Changing Teams

Between doing what works best for your business and what works best for your sales team can vary. And, now with remote work and different levels of salespeople’s experience in the mix, figuring out what needs to be accomplished can be challenging.

Sales leaders need to know the great options that are available when working for their company. Sales leaders might need to start looking for great talent on a regular basis and share these great options. What will make top salespeople take notice and come work with your team? 

2. Costs and Negotiations

Have the price of your products gone up? Were they recently lowered over the past couple of years and now they are increasing to meet with market rates? There is value in your services and goods – getting those sales means negotiation for minimal discounts.

  • Sales teams need to know their Value Proposition.
  • Sales members need to know what the prospect’s pain points are. 
  • Team members need to understand how the services or goods meet the client’s needs.
  • Know when it’s just not a good fit and walk away.

3. Communication and Remote Work

Selling has changed over the last few years. Let’s face it, the pandemic has guided the way people communicate, buy, shop and work. It all needs to be taken into account as we move forward with our sales teams. In the past, sales groups would work in-house selling on the phone, traveling to prospects, and making in-person face-to-face deals. 

Remote selling and team coordination is happening. As we adjust to that we also need to consider the content, sales materials, and team communication we use. Are we incorporating more automation to get things done? Are we using more lead pages and website products to reach out and find leads? 

It’s a modern world and incorporating modern sales and leadership practices are a must for success. 

“64% of sales leaders who invested in remote selling met or exceeded revenue targets this year.” – Hubspot Sales Enablement Survey

Challenges Faced By Salespeople

Learning the technology and staying on top of the systems you have available can help ease the challenges you face as a team leader. Do you need to educate yourself on virtual communication products? Do you need to train on any of the customer follow-up and software in use with your company? Encourage your salespeople to do the same.

If you have some downtime, working in a variety of organization techniques could help alleviate time constraints. Is there anything you’ve been putting off that would assist you with your team’s communication or retrieval of information? Give your challenges some thought and form a process to tackle what causes setbacks or difficulties. Tracking them could help rectify issues and make a stronger sales team in the end!

Ready To Learn More Powerful Sales Techniques?!

Professional development is the hallmark of exceptional leadership for sales experts. Having an environment where you can gain new insights with a group of your sales peers is a must. A place where you can lean on fellow sales pros for advice, objective viewpoints, and gain insights is invaluable.

  • If you want to interact directly with other top sales leaders and learn from shared experiences. 
  • If you have a considerable interest in gaining insight and perspective from other influencers outside
    your own circle.
  • If you enjoy learning from experts on evolving and emerging topics within your field.

Look no further! 

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