Selling With Your Client In Mind

Do you want to sell more? Then what you want is to help more people. Bringing your client a product or service isn’t about achieving numbers and counting your closings. As a sales professional, you are gearing your product to help someone with their problems and goals. You are there to solve a problem for your client. Figuring out what your client needs first is what will put you in the running to help them with whatever ails them. Maybe they don’t even know what their problem is or that they even have a problem until you show them. What is your client’s pain point? What issues do they specifically need to overcome that you can help them with? This is about selling with your client in mind.

Selling With Your Client In Mind 

As a sales manager, you want to encourage your sales team to connect with their clients in this way. It will bring them closer to helping their customer base in general and selling with their client in mind specifically. The customer wants to be treated well whether they are buying paperclips or large software platforms. The first purchase can always lead to more.


  1. Sell Results. What is their client ultimately trying to achieve? They need results. How can your sales member bring that to them?


  1. Keep Them Interested. Are they talking and getting connected? Your sales pro needs to keep this momentum up and stay in their customer’s line of sight. They need to reach out regularly and with interest in the customers or clients.


  1. Share The Successes. People love to see other people having success with your product or service. They want to see how this product or service has helped others in the past.


  1. Incentives. These could be highly beneficial to their customers and help bring the sale home by giving the client something extra special. Can your team members provide associated value to the product or service offered? 


  1. Provide Knowledge. The sales member needs to really know the product so it can be presented as the best product or service around. This can really help the client and the sales professional will be confident in how and why.


  1. Build Trust. The sales member needs to be of value and service to the clients through the entire process. The customer wants to know they can count on them later just as they can count on the sales pro now.

How To Convince A Client To Work With You

Working with these 6 ideas in mind your team members will be showing their customers that they mean the world to them. They aren’t just another number. They are someone special and the sales member is here to actually help them. You probably won’t need much more convincing than that. 

Your sales crew can take these ideas and work with them. Slow the process down if they need to. Build a connection and sell with the client in mind first. Your team members can create a long-lasting relationship that can generate even more than the initial sale.

How To Encourage Customer To Buy Your Product

As your team works with these methods above they can also take the time to make the process easy for their clients to learn about the products, reach them for questions, and ultimately close the sale. 

Staying in touch and continuing to connect is also invaluable to keeping selling with your client in mind. Over time reaching out with paper mail, social media, and email keeps you in the loop and in their thoughts. Ask for reviews and feedback. Acknowledge the information they send and always strive to be great in the client’s eyes.  

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