How To Deal With Conflict In A Team As A Manager

Are you having trouble with conflict at the office? Is there a problem among a team member or group of colleagues that you manage? Sometimes it happens and there are clashing personalities or ideas. Occasionally there could be disagreements or misunderstandings among your sales team that need to be addressed. We want to make sure you can address it as successfully and genuinely as possible. Let’s discuss this topic in-depth and review some ideas on how to deal with conflict in a team as a manager.

How To Deal With Conflict In A Team As A Manager

Here are some workplace conflict examples that can pop up. You might have seen some recently in your group.

  1. Misunderstanding Of Tasks
  2. Miscommunication With Timelines
  3. Boundaries
  4. Attitude Problems
  5. Difference Of Opinion Or Style 

These are a handful of ways team members might have issues in your sales group. Conflict can arise for many different reasons. You might have other areas you can add to this list. 

Methods Of Addressing Conflict Within A Team

No matter what is on your conflict list, settling the problems at hand and moving forward is often at the top of your management list. If it isn’t, it should be. Having a good working sales team will be highly beneficial to your team as a whole and your bottom line. 

How can you work with your sales team to get any conflict settled? Similar to many aspects of life – with communication, discussion, and probably a good bit of compromise. Sometimes team members are going to have clashing ideas, ways of working, or beliefs. Working well together with other people that have a variety of different outlooks in life and at the office is a positive temperament to have. Encouraging this in your sales team will be helpful when attempting to resolve conflicts that might come up. 

Often a discussion or two (or three) can help ease strife or rivalry with your sales team members. Open communication will go a long way when trying to resolve workplace issues. Aim to have a safe place where conversation can easily take place and can help your team members come to a solution.

Strategies To Resolve Conflict In The Workplace

  1. Respect Opposing Views – Learn what your team knows and how they think. Help develop their skills and mold them to what the company’s aim is for the group culture.
  2. Embrace The Tension – It’s really natural at some point to have tension or a conflict in a workplace relationship. If dealt with it can bring the team together. Ignoring the problem can cause more tension and push people apart and cause even more difficulty. 
  3. Discuss Boundaries. What do you as a sales team leader expect from your team members? Are they meeting deadlines, communicating with the rest of the team, expressing a bad attitude with the group? Talk these over so everyone can be on the same page.

Aim your team to work together and be their best. A successful working sales group can be a powerful thing and encourage long-term association with each other. 

Do you have other ways you have dealt with conflict as a sales manager? What have you done in the past that has worked?

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