The Importance Of Strategy Execution

You might be familiar with strategic execution but you don’t know it. It’s essential to running a business or venture well, or even for pursuing and attaining personal interests and goals. This time we want to discuss it in terms of running a sales team and the importance of strategy execution.

The Importance Of Strategy Execution

First, strategic execution can be trimmed down to one basic sentence by the Harvard Business School, “Strategy execution is the implementation of a strategic plan in an effort to reach organizational goals. It comprises the daily structures, systems, and operational goals that set your team up for success.”

It sounds fantastic and pretty simple, right? At the same time, it should not be taken lightly. And, it should not be ignored. Strategy execution is a helpful tool that should be used to accomplish your goals and move them forward. Putting together your sales team’s systems and how things are completed based on the goals and abilities of your team is a powerful way to make things happen with your sales group.

Nevertheless, and hopefully, the company you are a sales leader with has something instilled around a strategy and its execution as well. This can be a backbone to creating a strategy and implementing it for your sales team.

What Is Strategic Execution?

Your team’s plans need to be executed and carried out. And strategic execution can be the foundation of your team’s success and accomplishments. No doubt, your sales team isn’t working towards small goals only. Large goals like increasing quarterly revenue, or growing the number of leads each month, or expanding on the number of large sales won will need a strategic plan and execution.

This strategic execution will need to be written down, discussed on a regular basis, adjusted, and measured. With these kinds of extensive plans, strategic execution is necessary. It can assist in guiding the process almost entirely.

Regardless, the wording can be more general and added to as a formula is created. More communication and discussion will be needed to develop your strategic execution. Small additions and changes can help adjust the plans and executions to fine-tune the goals and make improvements to what has already been laid out. Reviewing and adjusting the plans as your team moves forward is absolutely an option. 

Strategy Execution Tips

  1. Include The Entire Sales Team. Everyone can contribute and help strengthen the goals and message of the strategic execution plan. Come together and discuss your goals and mission as a sales team and individual professionals.

  2. Keep It Simple. Include just enough detail and steps in your strategic execution to reach your goals.

  3. Remember Your Value Proposition. Work on goals that align with the value proposition and keep your sales team’s tasks in sync with the team’s values.

  4. Analyze Your Strategic Execution Regularly. Whether it’s monthly or quarterly, gather as a group to discuss successes and issues as well. What should be adjusted or applied with your strategic execution?

Successful Strategy Implementation

Now is the perfect time to put your strategy in place. Whether the new year is around the corner or a new quarter, taking the time to make your strategy execution a formidable part of your sales team’s objectives is always important.

Give your team an hour to pull ideas together and make some plans. You’ll not only be happy you did, but you will be on your way to making your and your sales team’s goals a reality! 

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