Close More Consensus Sales Deals

First of all, what does consensus selling mean to you and your sales team and how can you close more consensus sales deals? It mostly boils down to selling your services or product to a group within a company. While one person in the company used to be able to sign off on a sale or purchase of your offering, now many times you will come across a group of people who will need to be in agreement for the sale to go through.

Many different teams or department heads in a company now need to come together to form an agreement over what they will purchase. These people could be in the marketing department, someone from the financial team, the company’s lawyers, and other executives in the company often form a consensus on your sale to close the deal. 


How To Close More Consensus Deals

What elements will help the company’s consensus decide to buy? So, what can you do to establish your business as the one to go with? What can you aim for to establish yourself and close more consensus deals?

There are four things you need to know to up your game and put you ahead of the rest so you can close more sales. 

  1. One of the most important things you need to know is who is actually in this buying consensus? Who is part of this group? How are they connected in the business? Find this out early in the sales process.
  2. Understanding your buyer’s buying cycle is another one of the top elements in your sales plan. Which stage of the buying cycle are they in? Do they know they have a problem? Have they started to consider their options to resolve their problem? Many people won’t even reach out until they know they need help. 
  3. How does the consensus see the process flowing? How does their decision-making happen in the group? Discussing this can help assure them they are getting what they need. 
  4. What is the consensus group’s most important criteria for making the decision and buying your service or product? It could range anywhere from price, delivery time, availability of options, and where it’s made. Knowing this criterion is important as you move ahead and guide your prospects to match their needs.

Start with these questions when you do your research and when you ask your prospects and clients insightful questions. Build from the information you acquire to coordinate your offer.  The old ways don’t always work anymore. Think about this new direction for your sales team.


Understand These Consensus Sales Elements To Close More Deals

If you understand these four things upfront, you can have a better chance of navigating all of the buying parties involved, understanding what the group needs and what stage of the process they are in. This puts you in a much better position to successfully close more consensus sales deals deals.

You can adjust your input and pitch to coordinate appropriately with their needs as a group. We have also talked about your value proposition and how that is valuable with your sales approach. Working these two concepts together can be very powerful when you are reaching out and sharing what you have to offer with your prospects.


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