Bravo Cohort Program Agenda

Bravo Cohort E2A
Wednesday June 9th
at 9:00 AM EST (8:00 AM CST)

Zoom link open 8:45 AM for open networking.

1. Welcome and 20 second introductions (Your moderator: Wesleyne Greer)

Each person will introduce themselves, company name, industry served, home base.  20 seconds only please.

2. Expert Insight by Rocky LaGrone (group discussion to follow)

5 Keys to Building a World Class Sales Organization  (30 minutes with 20 minute discussion)

5 things you can do TODAY to grow faster.

    1. Building a Sales Culture – Eliminate 80/20 Rule
    2. Sales Management Coaching – Enablement v Empowerment
    3. Milestone Centric Sales Process
    4. Hire Stronger Sales Staff
    5. Grow them Up or Grow the Out?

 Join us for an action-packed, fast-paced, enlightening webinar with facts, action plans and sales intelligence to transform your sales division.

Rocky LaGrone

Sales Development Expert is a Sales focused consulting, training, development, and sales hiring organization. We typically work with Presidents, CEO’s and Business Owners who are frustrated because sales are not growing as fast as they like.

Our proven process helps organizations grow 20-30% on top of the normal growth patterns.

Learn more at

3. Up Your Game Program provided by Michael Glaubitz (Followed by group discussion)

Topic:  Using LinkedIn To Your Advantage

Do you know what your LinkedIn profile looks like to your Sales Prospects? Strategically build and sustain your LinkedIn profile to get ahead of the pack. With over millions of users worldwide, many spend the majority of their time on LinkedIn each workday! Leverage this valuable resource’s powerful networking capabilities without spending countless hours sifting through and filtering irrelevant information like your competitors do by learning detailed focused search techniques and Outreach Strategies.

4. Closing remarks and prep for next meeting

Time Blocks

8:45 AM EST  Session Open for networking

9:00 AM  Opening

9:15 AM  Expert Insights Segment

9:35 AM  Expert Insights Group discussion

9:55 AM  Up Your Game Segment

10:10 AM Up Your Game Groups discussion

10:25 AM Closing and announcements for next meeting

10:30 AM  End