Alpha Cohort Program Agenda

Alpha Cohort
Wednesday, October 27th at 8:30 AM EST

Zoom link open 12:15 pm for open networking.

1. Welcome and 20 second introductions (Your moderator: Kurt Schneid)

Each person will introduce themselves, company name, industry served, home base.  20 seconds only please.

2. Expert Insights by Wesleyne Greer (group discussion to follow)

Transforming Salespeople into Sales Superstars

As a sales manager your job is to strategically grow revenue. However, constantly swooping in, taking over accounts and closing deals will negatively impact your business. In our interactive session we will cover: 

  • The importance of putting your oxygen mask on first 
  • How to become a true sales leader, not a sales parent 
  • Why creating a positive culture will improve your bottom line 

Learning outcomes 

  • Managers will learn why they must uncover their weaknesses and remedy them before they are able to be the leader their team need them to be 
  • Having the unique ability to know what is happening with every person on your team without micromanaging them is a skill that must be learned. We will delve into how to effectively manage the team from “afar” while still growing your business. 
  • No one wants to work for a tyrant.  
  • Learning to create a sales culture that is positive but allows healthy competition is important.  Competition is needed to encourage salespeople to perform, but it must be done the right way to motivate each member of the team. 

Wesleyne Greer

Transformed Sales is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Manufacturing) sales management training and coaching firm headquartered in Houston, TX. Wesleyne Greer and her team at Transformed Sales offers sales leaders the skills to create high-performing teams.

3. Peer Growth Lab (Followed by group discussion)

Title:  Impactful questions, The ROPE Process:  Result, Opportunity, Problem, Execute Questions

Question for Group:

Do you consider and/or plan out key questions that salespeople should be asking as the sales process moves forward? In this session we will discuss what are your key questions and learn more about the types of questions that help you better understand the customer.

Kendley Davenport

Kendley Davenport is owner of Outsourced Sales Pros and creator of the Sales Leader Roundtable.

4. Closing remarks and prep for next meeting

Time Blocks

8:15 am EST  Session Open for networking

8:30 am  Opening

8:45 am  Expert Insights

9:10 am  Expert Insights Group discussion

9:30 am Peer Growth Lab

9:40 am Peer Growth Lab Groups discussion

9:50 am Closing and announcements for next meeting

10 am  End