Alpha Cohort Program Agenda

Alpha Cohort E4P
Wednesday May 26th
at 12:30 PM EST

Zoom link open 12:15 pm for open networking.

1. Welcome and 20 second introductions (Your moderator: Kurt Schneid)

Each person will introduce themselves, company name, industry served, home base.  20 seconds only please.

2. Expert Insight by Monte Pedersen (group discussion to follow)

Why Execution is the Missing Link to Successful Strategy  (30 minutes with 20 minute discussion)

    1. Why Execution is the Missing Link?
    2. Success in Effectively Managing Execution
    3. The Focus of Strategy Execution
    4. Traditional Methods vs Contemporary Execution Management Systems
    5.  Managing Execution at an Organizational and Individual Level
    6.  Closing – Where to Find Out More

Monte Pedersen

Monte Pedersen enjoyed a 35-year career in the managed services industry before deciding in 2016 to start his own leadership and training firm focused on “Strategy Execution Management”.  See CDA Group

3. Peer Growth Lab (Followed by group discussion)

Topic:  Sales Engagement In A Virtual Environment

The context:  As you begin to transition your team out of a pure COVID induced business model to some sort of hybrid model that blends both the virtual and face to face worlds.  What best practices, key learnings and/or pitfalls would you offer that helps you engage your sales team that addresses some of these key attributes necessary for building and maintaining a strong growth culture; sales meeting practices, training plans, individual coaching, team building and performance/sales management.  Be specific in ideas, methods or practices you have seen work and do you have any key learnings that you can help others avoid.

 How would you address this situation?

4. Closing remarks and prep for next meeting

Time Blocks

12:15 pm EST  Session Open for networking

12:30 pm  Opening

12:45 pm  Expert Insights

1:10 pm  Expert Insights Group discussion

1:20 pm Peer Growth Lab

1:30 pm Peer Growth Lab Groups discussion

1:45 pm Closing and announcements for next meeting

2 pm  End